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Our Services Methodology

3i Network focus on helping companies and organizations leverage new technologies to their competitive advantage. We simply deliver high value innovative and cost effective IT Solutions and Services by bridging the gap between technology and business.

We believe in understanding before executing, 3i Network adopt the Consult, Supply, Support and Manage IT Service Delivery methodology. Through our proven Services Delivery process together with our Services Offering and Technology Partner Solution enable our team to provide our client the best quality services and the most suitable IT Solutions for their business.


Our Services Offering

System Integration

IT System Integration is a process of linking together different type of computer systems, hardware and software application physically and/or functionally, to act as a completed working block. While maintaining each individual system functionally and operation, integrating them together adds the computing value of these resources and streamlines information exchange and communication.

Our integration team consists experienced and skilled system engineers and project managers whom will work with you down to the finest details from your current systems and formulae integration options and solutions that will enable your information systems to seamlessly communicate and work together.

Example of system integration scenario could be,

  1. IT systems tech refresh, with new hardware purchase and systems upgrade to latest technologies
  2. New office with user front end computing system, IT back end servers/storage systems with network connectivity for LAN, WAN, Wireless and Internet
  3. High Availability system setup and implementation for mission critical servers and applications
  4. Network infrastructure upgrade and migration with minimum interruption to business operations
  5. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery compliance implementation with offsite Data Center buildup
Technical Support

Problems exist in every aspects of our everyday work and life. The company believe in problem solving and identifying the root cause of the problem will prevent recurrence and attain customer's confidence and hence bring value to the business.

Using our cross functional team approach, our Technical Support workforce will apply disciplined and proven root cause analysis methodologies to problem impacting to the IT systems and applying the most appropriate resolution to the issue.

Our technical support capabilities,

  1. Full spectrum of support covering from desktop, notebook, servers, LAN, WAN and Internet network, operating systems, email, web, data backup and disaster recovery
  2. Ad hoc support, scheduled routine onsite system maintenance and support contract with service level agreement
  3. Hardware Loaner, Hardware One to One Replacement support, RMA support
  4. Complete IT Outsourcing
Managed Services

3i Network Managed Services offer a holistic and transformative approach to all mission critical IT systems to operate optimally, any potential interruptions are forestalled and remedied in the fastest possible turnaround time.

Our manage services offering cover device monitoring, systems predicative alerts, network interruption reporting, data backup status notification, endpoint security update status and other mission critical insight health performance monitoring.

Our managed services include,

  1. Systems Monitoring and Alerting
  2. Managed Router, Switches, Firewall, Wireless
  3. Managed Servers and Storage
  4. Managed Backup, Managed EndPoint Security
Hosting Services

At 3i Network, we understand the potential of the world wide web as the gateway to the information age and a means of communicating to clients and partners. 3i Network provide an reliable, scalable and secure hosting solutions for individuals and business of all sizes.

Built based on the core expertise of 3i Network, we operate and maintain the hosting platform with full accessibility and control over the servers, network and security infrastructures. Our hosting packages have been tailored for various hosting needs and our prices are competitive in the market. 

Our hosting solutions comes with full package with options for,

  1. Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Server Hosting
  2. Web, Email and Application Server Hosting
  3. Offsite Data Backup Server Hosting
  4. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  5. Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting
  6. Virtual Server Hosting, Server Colocation


System Integration

  • Desktop, Notebook
  • Servers, Storage
  • Virtualisation
  • Data Networking
  • Wireless Solutions
  • IT Security
  • End Point Protection
  • Data Backup

Technical Support

  • Helpdesk
  • Break, Fix Services
  • Onsite & Offsite Support
  • Hardware Loaner
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • IT Outsourcing

Managed Services

  • Systems Monitoring
  • Systems Alerting
  • Managed Services
  • 24x7 Support

Corporate Hosting

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • Server Colocation
  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Web / Email / App Hosting
  • Domain Name / DNS Hosting
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions